• Chef’s Prix-Fixe Menus

    We offer specialties from starter to dessert which are cooked with food in the season.
    We serve popular menus such as Japanese soup made from special broth of the restaurant, saikyo-yaki fish, which is roasted fish marinated in sweet miso (soybean paste), and freshly cooked hot tempura.


    (8 courses including starter and dessert)


    (9 courses including starter and dessert)

     * excluding tax

  • Prix-Fixe with Sake

    Prix-Fixe menu to enjoy the mariage of Japanese cuisine and sake (Japanese rice wine): please taste small glasses of various sake, each goes well with the food. You will be able to enjoy the difference in taste and texture of various brands, and also various serving styles such as hot sake and cold sake.


     (7 courses and 7 brands of sake)

     * excluding tax




Food and sake vary with the seasons.

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